Keith Taylor

Career Summary
GlaxoSmithKline from March 2004
Astra Zeneca from August 2003
GlaxoSmithKline from December 1991
Albright & Wilson from September 1986
Education and Other Skills
Leisure Activities

Career Summary

GlaxoSmithKline, Dartford
March 2004 – Present

  • Contract process engineer, currently acting as the process commissioning manager for a building that is accommodating a new product and the transfer of 4 stages of existing products. I am responsible for taking the modified process plant through commissioning and operational qualification, to an extremely tight schedule.
  • I have also modelled the demand for process utilities supplied to the building, to determine whether the increased manufacturing activities will overstretch the service capacities.

Astra Zeneca, Avonmouth
August 2003 – February 2004

  • Contract process engineer, supporting their Large Scale Laboratory facility that produces API material for clinical trials and toxicology studies, and is the first step in process scale up. Duties included troubleshooting, technical support and introducing a maintenance strategy.

Dec 1991 – Mar 2003

Manufacturing Technology Project Manager
Apr 2000

  • Project managed the introduction of new technologies to the manufacturing sites, in particular:
  • Microbiological Rapid Test Methods
  • HPLC Developments
  • Compression Waste Minimisation for Tabletting processes
  • Applied computer based simulation tools to model work flows and manufacturing processes. The packages used were Witness and ModelEnterprise.
  • Set up knowledge networks for Manufacturing Technology.
  • Wrote global processes and procedures for Sites exiting the GSK network.
Actives Manufacturing Business Analyst
Apr 1999
  • Synchronised the Site Business Analysts during the implementation of new corporate IT systems (SAP, LIMS, LASER, CMMS).
  • Represented Actives core business on the Technology Steering Committee.
  • Co-ordinated the introduction of Key Performance Indicators (Balanced Scorecard) for Actives.

Process Engineer for Actives Supply, Dartford
Dec 1991

  • Transferred new chemical entities from the pilot plant into full-scale production.
  • Designed, commissioned and validated several multi-purpose batch processing units for primary manufacture e.g. pan driers, filters, centrifuges, reactors, multi-purpose processors.
  • Investigated reducing VOC emissions from the Site, leading to reports and project briefs for VOC abatement systems such as absorption units and cryogenics.
  • Designed and installed pilot plant equipment – glass lined and tantalum condensers, hastelloy reactors, cryogenic cooling, an hydrogenation facility.
  • GSK's process engineer on a Solids and Liquids Incinerator project. The incinerator used filtration and scrubbing to meet local environmental limits, and generated steam from waste heat.
  • Provided technical input for moving primary production to other Sites or third party manufacturers.
  • Undertook feasibility studies for manufacturing new chemical entities.
  • Member of a user input team that developed a batch simulation tool (BatchPlus) with a commercial software house (AspenTech).
  • Wrote the Site’s engineering procedure for pressure relief system design.
  • Led the design and commissioning of £12m and £17m production expansion projects.
  • Specified the control strategy and so am familiar with automated control systems.

Albright & Wilson
Sep 1986 to Dec 1991

Manufacturers and suppliers of phosphate and paper chemicals, detergents and surfactants.

  • Production Manager - Managed for three units producing Heavy Duty Liquids, Fabric Softener, Mild Surfactants and Dried Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (60+ direct reports).
  • Works Development Engineer at the Whitehaven Site - Providing process engineering support to the Whitehaven Site.
  • Works Technical Support Engineer at the Avonmouth Site - Running small projects and troubleshooting processes.
  • Process Design Engineer - Design and commissioning of surfactants and detergents plants.
  • Advanced Process Control Engineer - Configuring distributed control systems.

Education and Other Skills

  • BSc (Hons) Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bath.
  • One year industrial training experience at The Associated Octel Company.
  • 'A' Levels in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.
  • Computer Literate (Office suite, relational databases, process simulation packages, CAD).
  • Open University modules in Object Orientated programming, Artificial Intelligence and Software Systems Development. Present course is a project to apply Artificial Intelligence to a crystallisation problem.
  • Trained in PRINCE2 project management methodology.
  • Member of FEANI (European Engineering Federation).
  • Member of the IChemE’s CAPE subject group.

Leisure Activities

  • Rugby Union Football - former member of Sidcup Rugby Club, Organiser of the GlaxoWellcome Dartford Team.
  • Squash - Organiser of cup competitions for GlaxoWellcome’s squash club at Dartford.
  • Travel - adventure and trekking holidays in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.
  • Other - Football, Skiing, Cycling, Fitness Training, Drawing.



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